Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crafting for Charity - Puppy Rescue Mission

You'll notice on here that I'll be posting a Craftivism Monthly Challenge.  I firmly believe that if God gives you a gift, a talent, a skill - you need to help His children in need by using that gift, talent or skill.  There have been times in my life when I could not contribute to those in need financially.  I'm sure many others are in that same boat these days.  However, I've always had craft supplies on hand of some kind - usually yarn, sometimes scrap fabric - that I could turn into something useful for someone in need.

My sister posted about this charity on her Facebook page, and after reading the story, I knew I had to help, if even in a small way.

Kaydee at Bring Leonidas Home will be hosting an auction on Facebook to help support the Puppy Rescue Mission.  You can read about Leo's story here, and learn more about the auction here.  I am donating a few items that I made for this summer's county fair: 2 pairs of potholders, a toddler dress, and a set of dishcloths (which is currently in progress).
Sunflower potholders (based on a Maggie Weldon dishcloth design)

Multi-color Potholders

Toddler Dress (approx 18 mo's-2T)

The set of dishcloths, which is not shown, will be a set of 6 - 3 knit and 3 crochet, in a variety of colors.

If you can participate by donating or purchasing PLEASE DO!  Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your email contacts and other online friends.  We can NEVER thank our military and their families enough, but we can find ways to show our support.


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