Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Some photo highlights of the festivities at the Suburban Prairie Home:
Goodies goodies and more goodies:

Theme trees:

Homemade presents:
Hubby is 6"1" and hates the fact that there are never afghans that will cover him completely.  Princess made this one for him.  This photo is from when she laid out the squares the other day to start stitching them together.  It is now neatly sewn together and has a pretty orange border.
Finished size: roughly 5' x 7'.  And yes, she designed and stitched the whole thing herself with no help from anyone.  And she did it in about 3 weeks.  Pretty amazing, huh?!

Speaking of Princess...

She just rearranged her room recently.  It now has more open floor space - which is good for someone who does projects like afghans.  She also likes doing photography, and frequently shows her photos in our county fair.  When she did her re-do this year, she put all her winning photos in black frames, and made a photo wall.  Several years ago, we repainted her room a very bright yellow.  Like you can see it from space yellow.  You can imagine how "graphic" the black frames look on this wall.  Just wear your mental sunglasses - like I said, the yellow is very bright.

So this year, after seeing all the wonderful ways that other craft bloggers were using fabric to create fabulous design elements, I decided to make something for Princess' room.  I'll post the how-to soon.
I thought the round frames and fabric would soften all the rectangular shapes on the wall, plus they would add an element of whimsy.  Because there is a light, a medium and a dark, she can also choose to use them bring more visual interest to a particular photo.  Oh, and the real kicker - the light fabric has floral shapes that nearly match the floral shapes on the new comforter she bought herself exactly.  Way to go, Mom!

Now don't worry, I didn't forget Bubba!  He and his friends are really into animated characters these days.  In fact, he recently picked out an earflap hat for himself that's Cookie Monster.  And his friends all have those earflap hats with other characters as well.  So, when I've had some free time lately (as in free from kidlets, particularly Bubba), I've been working on this:

 It's a Nyan Cat scarf.  Look him up on Google.  By the way, he is proof that you are what you eat because his body is a strawberry Pop-Tart.  The rainbow behind him is the result of eating Skittles.  What can I say - 12-year-old-boy humor.
Sorry, no how-to or pattern for this one.  I was too busy trying to make the little guy to write anything down.    If you would like to make one for yourself, there are patterns available at

No homemade gift for Hubby this year.  Although, I'm sure he'll say he was happy having an amazing Christmas dinner that was safe for all of us to eat, and the fact that our family was together, and everyone had a really good time.

After all, isn't that the best part of Christmas?!

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Melissa {polkadot chair} said...

Your crochet is amazing! Thanks for linking up!! I've never been able to master crochet or knitting before, so I'm in awe :)