Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twenty Five Days of Treats - Day 13

Ok, so more baking and more chocolate (like more chocolate could ever be bad).  This is a recipe we've baked in my family for years, and I'm going to show you how to make it even easier!

SPH Chocolate Crinkles
1 Brownie Mix (get the kind you bake, not the kind you microwave - also GF mixes work just as well), made according to package directions, plus 1 c all purpose flour(again, GF works just as well)

Powdered sugar for dusting

After you have mixed the brownie mix, flour, eggs, etc. together, use a cookie scooper or 2 spoons, and shape mixture into balls.  Roll in powdered sugar, then set on parchment lined cookie sheet (or grease your cookie sheet), about 2" apart, and bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes.

These became a huge family hit the minute my mom found the recipe, and it was included in our family's cookie bake for many years after that.  Her original recipe is much longer and more involved.  Who has time for that?!

When you've been baking cookies, brownies, etc. most of your life, you learn to recognize certain "bases" - like "oh, that's just a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but you add..."  (see Day 1 and Day 2).  Like oatmeal cookies are just chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal and raisins instead of the chips (you can still keep in the chips if you like - I do).  So this recipe was a no-brainer - it's basically brownies rolled in powdered sugar.  It just needed a little stiffening up (it always did in my opinion), so add some more flour.

GOOPY ALERT!  When you make these, no matter how hard you try, you will be wearing chocolate cookie dough and powdered sugar.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE IN YOUR LITTLE BLACK DRESS BEFORE LEAVING FOR A CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Some other tweaks - the now-usual suspects:  peppermint, cinnamon, orange zest.  You know the routine by now.  You can even add some mini chocolate chips.  Also, a tip that my mom used:  when the cookies are cooled and set, but still a little warm, place them in a brown paper lunch bag with some more powdered sugar and shake GENTLY.  This makes them look even more "snowy".

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