Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gluten Free Sweet and Salty Caramel Corn Recipe

Today is National Popcorn Day!

Do you remember back in December when we did our Twenty Five Days of Treats, one of the recipes was my mom's infamous Caramel Corn?  Well, today, we are going to put a fun, but grown-up taste, twist on this classic.

To the original recipe linked above, add about 8 oz. mini pretzel twists.  Eyeball it.  It's caramel corn, not rocket fuel.  I use Glutino brand to keep it gluten free, but you can use whatever brand you choose.  Want more pretzels, feel free to add more.

When you put your popcorn into the big baking pan, mix in the pretzels.  Be aware that they tend to stick together like 13-year-old girls, and they like to sink to the bottom of the pan.  I mixed them in with my hands.  Pour on the caramel sauce and stir well.  Follow the directions given to finish the recipe, allow to cool, and enjoy.

Follow the instructions as given, and allow to cool.  Eat and enjoy!

Maybe you're not into that whole sweet-and-salty thing, but you want to jazz things up a bit.  Ok, add almonds.  Or pecans.  Or both.  Why not cashews, or macadamia nuts.  Or mini M-n-M's.  Drizzle your finished product with melted chocolate - regular, dark or white.  Or use white and the color(s)-of-your-choice melting disks.

The possibilities are endless.

Check out some other popcorn recipes at the National Popcorn Board.

So enjoy your popcorn - it's a great source of fiber and fun!

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