Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Special Day and A Special Challenge

I hope you all are having fun starting the first of our January Craftivism Challenges.  I have another one for you...
Let me start by saying how grateful I am for each and every one of my readers.  You are all a special bunch, and your pageviews and comments mean so much to me.

As of today, SPH has officially had viewers on the 6 inhabited continents (welcome, Namibia)!  The teenager and almost-teenager and I have been using the "audience map" on the dashboard to practice world geography for homeschool.  We have been counting the countries, and all of us are so excited when a new country is heard from.  And today, we reached Africa.  Wow - I am so amazed, and humbled, and blessed.

So here's the Special Challenge for this Special Day...

I'm hoping that one of my resourceful readers can connect me somehow to a scientist or member of the support staff in Antarctica.  I know, you can't find one in the phone book (sometime I'll share with you all my missionary to Bolivia story).  But, maybe just maybe, you know someone who knows someone who knows someone else...

For that special reader - a 3-pack of handmade dishcloths in your choice of colors.  And yes, I will actually ship this one to anywhere in the world.  Also, I will be glad to send a matching set to your scientist.  I thought it would be a nice taste of home for someone living at the bottom of the world.

Please have your scientist or support staff member contact me at the email address listed in the left-hand column of the blog.  They must be actively and currently working in the Antarctic.  It's still summer down there, so there should be a pretty large contingent.  Of course, summer doesn't last forever, especially in Antarctica.  Time is of the essence here.

All entries will be based on time stamp on the email, and it will be first-come, first-served for the prize.

And a PS - if you are reading from somewhere other than the USA today, would you be kind enough to leave a comment with your country of residence?  You don't have to leave a mailing address, or anything like it - just a country.  Like Canada.  Or Russia.  Or China.  Or Bangladesh.  Or, of course, NAMIBIA!

Good luck, to all, and have fun!

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