Thursday, February 23, 2012

International Dog Biscuit Day

Something special for the 4-legged wonder(s) in your home!

In honor of International Dog Biscuit Day, Princess baked 3 different types of tookies (a blended word of our family's origin - t(reats) + (c)ookies) for 4LPA (4-Legged Production Assistant).  Princess chose Plumpkins, Cheese Fries, and If It Ain't a Brownie from The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company.

We wanted to share with you some important information about baking and cooking for your pet.  First, most recipes for Fido contain flours that are NOT gluten free - if you are one of those persons who is so sensitive to gluten that cross-contamination in your cooking vessels is an issue for you, try to find other flours that will work and keep you safe.  Your dog would rather have you than a treat any day.

Also, in the faux chocolate recipes, you CANNOT substitute cocoa powder.  You MUST use carob.  Chocolate can kill your dog.  Just don't use it.

Hubby helped Princess with her photos for the processes of making all three recipes, but the one I felt I had to share was this one.  It's 4LPA licking the spoon.  You can watch Princess dump eggs and pumpkin and applesauce into a bowl anytime...

This is a happy terrier moment!  Pure doggy joy!

Make some treats for your special furry friend(s) tonight and share da love!


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