Thursday, March 1, 2012


First, let me thank you all for your patience the last couple of weeks.  I don't know if it's a full moon, or because yesterday was Leap Year, or what the story is.  Technical Difficulties had become my new middle name, and trust me - no one was more frustrated than I was!

So after playing around with the video editing software some more this morning, I got the video from the TV appearance cut down to 12 minutes-ish.  YouTube says 15 minutes or less, so sadly you will miss the touching story that my friend, Barb, shares about her mother-in-law's battle with celiac.  I also tried to cut anything that didn't stick to the topic as much as possible.

And, just a little stay tuned announcement - the recipes will all be up here over the next several days, so keep checking back to see what came out of the Suburban Prairie Kitchen...

Now, on with the show!


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Amy Dingmann said...

GIRL!!!!! Wow!!!! You are headed for amazing things! You did a great job. So well spoken and well presented! You rock!!! :)