Thursday, April 5, 2012

To My Son

This is a very personal post - you may want to have a tissue handy...

To My Bubba

Today you are officially a teenager. 
You have not been my little boy in quite a few years, except in my heart.
Today you look me eye-to-eye, and the day you are taller than I am is drawing quite close.
Today you are on the edge of being a young man,
with tomorrows that are even brighter
than your most wonderful yesterdays.
You are one of my brightest stars,
and that's why I call you
I love you more than words could ever say,
and thank God
that He chose to surprise me
with you.

Love, Mom



Maya Kuzman said...


this is so beautiful and touching! One day they are holding onto you with wobbly legs and then next you know they are grown up! I remind myself to treasure each minute with them even put up with tantrums and whims because I know time is precious!
Thank you for sharing this lovely poem!

P.S I also wanted to thank you so much for the sweet words! Your comment brightened my day!

Judy's Online Journal said...

You posted the words that are in my heart. My youngest is 5'8" and still will hold my hand at almost 14. My middle boy is 5'9" and still gives me a kiss goodbye in the morning on his way to school at almost 16. How I remember them so small I could carry them both at the same time and they are soooo big and growing up so much. Thanks for reminding me of how I love them. Happy Easter Ann.