Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pardon Our Dust!!!

So I spent most of the day yesterday updating the look of the old blog homestead...

Quick story time:
  The lilies of the valley (white bell shaped flowers) remind me of my mom.  My grandmother grew them on the side of her house, and on the morning of my parents' wedding, there was my mom, picking them frantically to get them to the florist to be included in her bouquet. She had a morning wedding, by the way, so you can imagine how fast she was trying to work and still get herself ready for the big day!

These are heirloom lilies - my great-grandmother gave some extras to my grandmother when Grandma and Grandpa moved into their house.  Then, when my parents bought our old house, they took a clump with them.  When my mom passed, and my dad decided to sell that same house, a few clumps of the lilies moved to a special spot right outside my back door. They are actually blooming right now, and have the most amazing fragrance!

This turquoise-type blue is
one of my 2 favorite colors
(the other is denim).
And yes, my two favorite colors are
shades of blue.
My third favorite color is dirt.
But I digress...

Yes, I designed and created the background myself.  I used digital scrapbooking materials from, and followed the directions I found here to make your own scrapbook background and here to make your own background in PowerPoint.
After a LOT of tweaking,
I think you'll agree,
it's turned out pretty well!

I'm still working on adjusting the sizes of buttons and gadgets, and I'm planning on adding my own social media icons.  I'm also working on drop down menus for some new tabs at the top, and  let's just say there are a few other surprises I have up my sleeve.  

Stay tuned for more of the new and improved Suburban Prairie Homemaker, and
a ***GIVEAWAY*** tomorrow!


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