Friday, June 8, 2012

Gluten Free S'More Semifredo Recipe

Who doesn't love s'mores?!  A fun and exciting twist on two classics today...

Semifredo means half-frozen in Italian.  It is a soft, wonderful icy treat - perfect for the hot weather that's due in our neighborhood over the next several days.  This simplified version is quick and simple, easy and delicious, gluten free, and you can make it the night before to enjoy on a hot afternoon the next day.

SPH S'More Semifredo
1 1.75-quart container chocolate ice cream, defrosted and melted (yes, you read that correctly)
1 8-oz. container frozen whipped topping, defrosted
1/2 of a 10-oz. package mini marshmallows - more or less to your taste
1/2 of a 12-oz. package Nestle's Chunks chocolate pieces (baking aisle in the grocery store) - more or less
12 gluten free graham crackers (I use S'Moreables brand), crumbled into large chunks

In a large mixing bowl, gently stir together melted ice cream and whipped topping just until mostly combined.  Fold in marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and graham cracker pieces.  This will work in the rest of the whipped topping.  Prepare two 9" x 5" loaf pans by lining them with large sheets of aluminum foil.  Work the foil into the bottom and up the sides of each pan.  Be sure to leave longer pieces hanging off the short ends of the pan.  These will be your handles when you are ready to plate this yumminess.  You can crimp them in to make your pans easier to manage.  You may also wish, depending on space in your freezer, to place both empty pans onto a cookie sheet for easier transport into and out of the freezer.  Just a thought.  I didn't, because I could fit the pans in by themselves easier.  You can also just freeze this in the same large mixing bowl if you'd prefer.  Do what works best for you.

Pour your chocolate concoction into the two pans.  Try to be sure that you have everything in pretty even amounts for each loaf pan.  I used a ladle to help me divide everything up.  Place the pans into your freezer and leave them for several hours.  Like at least 5 or 6.  The overnight thing for the next afternoon is a really good suggestion.

When you are ready to serve, allow your pans to sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes to start to soften.  Remember, it's half-frozen, not solid as a brick.  You can try to slice it.  I just used a large spoon to scoop portions because it seemed that no matter where I put my sharp knife, I was hitting frozen graham crackers.  This has been scientifically proven in my kitchen to be harder than diamonds.  No kidding!

You can also drizzle with hot fudge and top with more whipped topping/cream if you so desire.

The taste and texture of the final product is like eating frozen chocolate mousse, with fun bites every so often.  It is very rich, but because of the whipped topping being mixed in, it also has a very delicate quality.

So let's play Spin the Recipe - one of my favorite games!

Make plain chocolate semifredo and freeze it in individual small jars.  Top with rasperries and whipped cream and a drizzle of fudge syrup.  OR...

Mix in other types of chips and doodads, like mint chocolate, or nuts, or whatever you have on hand that sounds good to you.  OR...

Make semifredo with any of your favorite flavors of ice cream (check for gluten content if needed!)!

This is such a simple dessert with such stunning results.  It can easily be served to children of all ages, and will surely be enjoyed by one and all.

Try to stay cool this weekend, everyone, and enjoy!

This recipe linked to Very Good Recipes.

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