Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red White and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Pretty enough for a party platter. And very tasty, too! So tasty, in fact, they disappeared before I could get a photo!

I was blessed to receive a good quantity of rhubarb. And the family requested strawberry rhubarb coffeecake.  Ok.

Except I was out of strawberries.

So, I went to our local store, and they had organic strawberries on sale for a fairly decent price. AND THEY WERE HUGE! So, I bought the whole case. Actually, I bought one case in the morning, and sent Hubby back that afternoon to buy the rest. Yes, all four flats.

What does a girl do with all those GIANT strawberries? You dip them in chocolate, of course.

Usually, strawberries that are really big AND perfect aren't available except around St. Valentine's Day. And they are only out for the express purpose of making chocolate dipped strawberries for your sweetheart. To find them at the store at the beginning of June was nothing short of a miracle.

Here's what you'll need:
Strawberries - no blemishes, fairly good size, have green tops to use for "handles" when dipping
Wilton white chocolate melting disks
Wilton blue chocolate melting disks
Wilton dark chocolate melting disks (as few as one or as many as 3)
Wilton light cocoa chocolate melting disks (see what it says with the dark chocolate)
Wilton Violet Icing Color
Wilton Royal Blue Icing Color

Rinse and VERY CAREFULLY pat dry your strawberries. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. If you are doing a lot of strawberries, you'll need more than one lined cookie sheet, so be ready. Melted chocolate waits for no one.

Melt white chocolate disks. The amount you need will depend on how many strawberries you are dipping. You can either melt these in the microwave, in a double boiler, or use a chocolate melting pot.

Dip the strawberries into the melted white chocolate by holding them oh so gently at the top. Tilt the strawberry at an angle as you are dipping it. Let the excess to drizzle off the bottom, then place the strawberry onto the waxed paper. Repeat for all strawberries. Allow the chocolate to set.

While the white chocolate is setting, make your navy blue chocolate. It's really easy. Start with the light blue melting disks. They are already blue, which gives you a head start. Add a few dark chocolate and regular chocolate disks to the mixture. This will add depth to your color. Then, add just a little tiny touch of the violet. This will take your blue to the dark side (and yes, I heard you do your impression of Darth Vadar's respirator - that's ok, I did it too!). Now add some royal blue, until your navy blue is your desired shade. If you need it darker, add either more dark chocolate or a little more violet.

Once your blue chocolate is melted and colored, repeat the dipping procedure with your strawberries, but this time hold them at the opposite angle. Set on the waxed paper and allow to set.

Be sure to store your strawberries in the fridge.

So let's have some fun with this idea. Use different colors for different occasions. Maybe a pink/white or light blue (no extra coloring needed)/white combo for a baby shower. Maybe school colors for a graduation party. Orange and black (use dark chocolate then add black icing color) for Halloween. Surprise your significant other with some that are different types of chocolate (white, regular and dark) and some that are his/her favorite color. Dip some apples, pears, pineapples, melon pieces. Or make chocolate covered raisins, peanuts, pretzels. By the way, that's what you do with your excess chocolate, so you get two products from one recipe and stretch your dollar a bit farther.

Regardless which colors you choose, or what you're dipping, this is just sinfully delicious. Have some fun, and enjoy!

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