Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out

You have to start somewhere, so today I thought we'd start some cleaning in a place you may rarely go...

Your inbox!  Ha!

I am a notorious hanger-onner-of-emails.  Inspiration for projects that will never be done.  Free downloads I will never use.  Photos people send me of my kids and/or my husband.  Yep, that inbox is pretty full.

So I'm going through not only my inbox, but also all those folders I created to help me keep my "wanna save's" organized (no, I never go into any of those folders either).  Things like recipes from 3 (or more) years ago.  Photos.  Card and craft ideas.

And I'm also going to pre-eliminate some emails, too.  If it offers an easy unsubscribe option for those that I don't want or no longer care for, OUT IT GOES!  I figured, by the way, that by eliminating just the emails I don't want to receive, and not having to spend time deleting them, I could save myself about 20 minutes per day.  Now that doesn't seem like a lot, until you figure that it takes me 20 minutes to unload and reload my dishwasher, or completely clean my hallway or most of my bathroom.

Next step will be to download all those photos out of my photo folder on my desktop to disk.  Yes, I still use CDs.  I know you can use a thumb drive and put a lot more on it, BUT YOU CANNOT LABEL IT!  At the end of the day, I'll have a drawer full of those little buggers and no way to know what's on them.  That to me means more added chaos.

Like I said, we have to start somewhere.  The bigger stuff will be coming, don't worry!

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