Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Ready for the New Year

We've already talked about a few simple ways to get more organized now to get even more organized for the New Year.  I'd like to talk to you about your resolutions...

Because of where my birthday falls on the calendar, my new year starts about 3 weeks before everyone else's.  My birthday resolutions are usually all blown by Christmas.  Yes, the New Year offers a second chance, but I'm almost always feeling pretty defeated.

Resolution is usually just another way to add a failure to your list.  Really, it's true.  How many of us are off the wagon by the end of the month?  Or even the week?  So why bother...

Instead of making New Year's resolutions this year, make goals.  And be realistic.  Instead of some really gigantic goal like "I will clean and organize my whole house on Saturday", make smaller ones, and set deadlines for yourself.  "I will clean out and organize my closet by Wednesday."  And be sure to cut yourself a break here and there.  Life happens!  Have a backup date, just in case, but only use it in emergencies.  Like a sick relative/kid/pet/self, death in the family, overtime at work.  Make your backup date within 48 hours of your original plan IF POSSIBLE.  Obviously, if you are out of town with a sick relative, that might be out of the question.  Use good judgment.

So I thought I'd share a few of my most current goals as examples:
Finish cleaning and organizing my closet by 12/31
Clean and organize sewing room by 01/15
Clean and organize former office by 01/31
Clean and organize former homeschool area by 02/15

Yes, it's true.  Parts of the Suburban Prairie Home need some serious deep cleaning and reorganizing.  Ok, lots of parts.  Like most of the basement.  You can imagine that things have gotten a little crazy around here!  It's time to get back into gear.  I'll be glad to share with you how I do it and how I'm doing.  We can all be in this together for support and encouragement.

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