Thursday, November 17, 2011

T-shirt Yarn Tutorial - Part 2 - So What Do I Do with the Leftovers?

So once you've made your yarn, your left with this:

 Use it to make sweeper covers!  You will get 2 of them from your leftovers.
Fold it in half, and remove the sleeves...

...and the neck. 

Next, measure your duster/sweeper.  Mine is 10" long by about 4" wide.  I added 2" to each side to be able to wrap the t-shirt material up and over, and to then be able to tuck it into the little holes.

 I cut mine 6" wide... 14" long.
Here it is, all tucked in.  It does work this way; however, I would actually add another inch or 2 to each measurement the next time.  Then, I could tuck the edges up and over as well.  Maybe even stitch it together to put on my sweeper like a sock.

Also, there were a few pieces (little strips from hem and leftovers of main rectangles, collar) that I could not use.  I went ahead and pitched these in the trash.  I left the sleeves whole, and can use them for cleaning mirrors and windows instead of paper towels (I use one wet, and then go over everything with the other dry).

Happy t-shirting!

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