Friday, February 17, 2012

Gluten Free Sausage Cheese Biscuit Appetizer Recipe

So what do you do, when it's the night before trash day, and you have an odd assortment of this and that?  And it's dinner time?  And you haven't really thought about dinner yet? And no one really wants a meal - they'd just rather snack?

Enter my dear friend, Betty.  You know her - she's the nice lady with the big red personalized spoon.

Here's what was in the kitchen:
a couple leftover breakfast sausage links
a package with about a handful of shredded cheese
a partial package of Bisquick Gluten Free

and two kids, that were happy to gnosh on a big bunch of leftovers from brought-in lunch.

Here's Betty's recipe, and here's what I did.  I made the recipe almost exactly as it's written.  Yes, I really did.  Don't fall out of your chair - it's true!

The exceptions were very minor:
  1. No parmesan cheese.  None in the house, and we don't really care for it that much anyway.
  2. I think I used slightly more cheddar cheese because that's what was in the bag, and it needed to get used up.
  3. I snipped up the two leftover sausage links with my kitchen shears into tiny slices.
Like I said, I just followed Betty's recipe.  I scooped dough onto parchment lined baking sheets with my cookie scooper and baked at 350 for about 25 minutes.

We enjoyed them with leftover beans and rice, and chips and salsa from a local Mexican restaurant.  These offered plenty of protein and carbs, and the two salsas added at least a bit of vegies.  The biscuits added a nice filling addition, and used up what needed to be used.

And of course, everything was all gluten free.

These make a  great little party appetizer, too - just serve with barbecue sauce.  Be aware, though - my recipe only made about 2 dozen when the original says 4 dozen.

If you need a recipe in a hurry, Betty has a HUGE selection of recipes (both regular and gluten free), and you know you can trust them to be good.




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