Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Helpers

Wanted to bring back some oldies but goodies that you might find useful this time of year...

If you are baking or making other goodies for the holidays, check out Creative Ways to Use Sugar Cookie Dough and Creative Ways to Use Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from last year's Twenty Five Days of Treats.  The base dough for these recipes is NOT gluten free; however, if you are baking for lots of folks who don't have gluten issues, using a tube of regular dough from the store can be a real budget saver.  A friend of mine, who was moving into a new house this time last year, told me that her family would not have had Christmas cookies at all without these ideas so be sure to check them out!

PS - there are also TONS of recipes here on the site!  Go to the "Looking for something?" box in the right side column, and browse to your heart's content!

Also, are you following me on Facebook?  If not, click the little icon in the right side column.  You'll get to see what I find inspiring posted there, including lots of craft projects and recipe ideas.  Trust me, you'll want to see these!

And finally, be sure to do some crafting for charity this holiday season.  Remember our January Craftivism Challenge where we made pillowcases for the American Patchwork and Quilting Million Pillowcase Challenge?  I'm making pillowcases this time around to send to victims of Hurricane Sandy who are in homeless shelters.  If you're going to be stuck in one for a long time, I think having a little something - ANYTHING - that makes it feel more like a home has to be at least a little morale booster.  Something to let them know we are all thinking about and praying for them.  I've got 4 done so far waiting to be shipped, with more planned.  If you'd like to know where I'm sending mine, please email me or message me on Facebook.

I also took advantage of the Black Friday sale at JoAnn's and bought several pairs of $1 gloves and mittens, and a bunch of fleece, which I made into scarves.  These will be on their way to New York with the pillowcases.  Want to make the easiest scarf ever?  Take a yard of fleece, cut it into 12" wide strips across the width of the fabric.  Remove selvedges, and cut slits every 1/2" along that short edge.  I made mine about 3" deep.  This is project that kids can help with - a great way to practice scissor skills and measuring!

And, in case you don't hear from me for a while...

I'm in the work room, creating a REALLY REALLY REALLY BIG project.  I'll share more later, as soon as I have more details.  You will absolutely LOOOOOOVE it!

So see you soon!

(did I mention that you can take a stroll through some of the really awesome recipes just by using the search box?)

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